Introducing eCheck Verification: Fast and Secure ACH Deposit Service
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According to Nacha, 82% of U.S. workers today receive their paychecks via direct deposit, and over half of the population uses online automated services to pay their bills, often out of the same same accounts into which their paychecks are deposited. Odds are, you’ve set up your own direct deposits and automatic payments, and encountered the term “ACH payments,” aka, electronic checks. Electronic Checks are electronic payments from one bank account to another, made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network.

With this volume of electronic transfer occurring every day, verification of funds is increasingly vital for organizations of all types nationwide.


How are eChecks better than paper checks, debit cards and credit cards?

ACH payments benefit both businesses and consumers as they are fast, reliable, and less expensive than credit and debit cards. Using cards means using a payment processor, which results in additional fees. Paper checks can arrive late, get lost, or be stolen in the mail. eChecks, however, ensure delivery and reduce fees, plus they provide a level of security other methods do not through Certified Payments’ eCheck Verification System, which ensures the validity of ACH payments.


Using Certified Payments’ eCheck Verification System  

Our eCheck Verification System benefits your organization in the following ways:

  1. Authentication of account and routing numbers to ensure they are accurate and match the format of the customer’s bank account for faster processing. As an added safeguard, the customer’s bank logo is displayed on the platform when the correct account and routing numbers are added, to help reduce the number of declined checks caused by manual data entry error.


  1. Built-in triggers alert your office if the customer has a history of writing bad checks or insufficient funds.


Are you ready to add eCheck Verification to your payment solutions and further improve your organization? Talk to a representative today!