EMV Solutions
Providing an extra layer of security
Why EMV?

EMV® chip card technology is now standard for credit cards issued around the world. These "chip cards" are embedded with a microprocessor chip that stores, protects, and authenticates data. EMV technology enhances security, protecting agencies from liability in cases of fraudulent charges.

Easy integration, happy consumers

Increase your security and reduce chargebacks

Rapidly Deployable

Our EMV solution is easily integrated into your system, and step-by-step technical support is available. 

Increased Security

Virtually eliminate fraud for card present transactions with EMV chip readers.

EMV Compliance

Protecting you from the liability of fraudulent charges.

Reducing PCI Scope

In most cases, reduces PCI scope to minimize organizational costs

Ready to protect yourself with EMV technology?-imageReady to protect yourself with EMV technology?-image
Ready to protect yourself with EMV technology?