Customized to fit your needs

The Complete Spectrum of Payments

Certified Payments makes it easy to process payments for multiple channels securely.

Payment Acceptance

Give your customers flexibility to pay by credit, debit, and electronic checks, whether in person via self-service kiosk or over the counter, online, or by phone.

Payment Processing

Collect payments faster, save on your transaction costs, and reduce chargeback activity, all while keeping the software system you already have in place.

Automated Reporting

Implement report findings to identify and address which parts of your collections process are most costly.

Advanced Security

Provide a fully secure payment environment, where every transaction is rigorously protected through a combination of data tokenization and encryption.

Customer Support

Enable faster, error-free payments through Certified Payments’ Customer Care Team, expressly trained to answer cardholder questions and help clerks resolve non-standard transactions.

Scheduled Reporting

Save time and cut out extra steps by scheduling daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Scheduling reports eliminates the need for reporting calls, and implements consumer lookup capabilities.

Provide your customers the payment flexibility they want with Certified Payments
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Get the most out of your payments