The Certified Payments Team

What Makes Us Unique

Certified Payments provides government agencies with the ability to accept payments in a convenience fee environment, making it FREE to the agency. Our business is PCI Compliant, so all customer data is highly secured by industry standards. 

Leading the industry since 1992

We help government agencies accept the following payments:

Certified Payments transforms collections for agencies and bureaus nationwide.

The company’s growth trajectory has been fueled by the economies of scale it delivers to county clients, including expanded, low cost payment methods, real-time transaction posting, and automated ledger reporting.
Our team of support staff and sales executives is a wealth of information for government agencies when it comes to accepting payments. 

Payment integration, simplified
Ready to make the most out of your payments offering?-imageReady to make the most out of your payments offering?-image
Ready to make the most out of your payments offering?