The Certified Payments Team

What Makes Us Unique

Certified Payments provides government agencies with the ability to accept payments in a service fee environment, making it FREE to the agency. Our business is PCI Compliant, so all customer data is highly secured by industry standards. 
For decades, we have been making it easy for government agencies to expand payment options, improve revenue collection and eliminate processing overhead. And as one of the newest members of the Deluxe family of companies, our solutions keep getting better and better. 
Our payment technology solutions will help your agency pay, get paid, optimize and grow. 

The Certified Payments Leadership Team

The Certified Payments leadership team is comprised of experts with years of experience and expertise in the payments industry. Combining experience with passion for excellent customer service, our leadership team is committed to bringing you the best service, technology and products.

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Mike LoMurro-imageMike LoMurro-image
Mike LoMurro

“Government payments made easy.” That’s the vision Mike LoMurro set forth for Certified Payments, a vision he’s spent the past two years bringing into sharp focus. To help solve for government payment challenges, Mike has built this team, comprised of seasoned industry pros who work relentlessly at their jobs to make yours easier. Mike’s leadership extends to the community, where he has served as a board member for the Boy Scouts of America, YMCA and, most recently, at the University of Central Florida College of Sciences.

Ashley Rangel-imageAshley Rangel-image
Ashley Rangel

Making sure that our business runs smoothly and according to plan is a big job, but thanks to her love for extreme adventure, Ashley never hesitates to face a challenge—or act on an opportunity—that comes her way. Combine that spirit with her dedication to our customers and meticulous eye for detail, and it’s no wonder we have happy clients and continue to grow.

Forrest Collett-imageForrest Collett-image
Forrest Collett

The veteran of the group, Forrest has been instrumental in building and providing support for the Certified Payment team from the start. Given his extensive knowledge of the payment industry, complemented by a commitment to both listen to his clients’ needs and provide solutions, and the fact that he has never met a stranger, it is no surprise that Forrest is a favorite face and trusted adviser for hundreds of government agencies.  

DJ Tenorio-imageDJ Tenorio-image
DJ Tenorio

When he’s not prospecting new business, networking with industry professionals or communicating with customers, you can find our West Regional Sales Manager spending time with his family outdoors; the Colorado native enjoys camping, hiking and fishing. DJ’s established career in banking sales, coupled with his passion for helping others, makes him an asset to both our organization and the agencies we serve. He’s ready to help you collect and process payments, and he just might save you thousands of dollars in the process.

Leading the industry since 1992

We help government agencies accept the following payments:

Certified Payments transforms collections for agencies and bureaus nationwide.

The company’s growth trajectory has been fueled by the economies of scale it delivers to county clients, including expanded, low cost payment methods, real-time transaction posting, and automated ledger reporting.
Our team of support staff and sales executives is a wealth of information for government agencies when it comes to accepting payments. 

Payment integration, simplified
Ready to make the most out of your payments offering?-imageReady to make the most out of your payments offering?-image
Ready to make the most out of your payments offering?