Real-time reporting made easy.
Create Customized Reporting to Fit Your Needs

With Certified Payments, you won’t have to wait for reporting updates. We monitor payments in real-time with approved/declined payments details on recent transactions, refreshing every 10 seconds. Our all-new Report Scheduler provides users the ability to schedule and distribute reports, saving your agency time by eliminating extra steps. Our comprehensive report tools save agencies time and money by:

Providing documentation to prove and collect on delinquent fees

Tracking ledger activity with line item detail to prove and collect on interest fees

Establishing role-based permissions to control report access

Monitoring historical, date and time specific activity by individual clerk

Reports are hosted by Certified Payments and archived for County use in compliance with state-affiliated mandate (average of three years).

Implementing easy-to-use consumer lookup capabilities

Ready to make the most out of your payments offering?-imageReady to make the most out of your payments offering?-image
Ready to make the most out of your payments offering?