Payment Processing
Customized to fit your agency needs

Accept payments for multiple agencies

Property Tax  |  License  |  Motor Vehicle Renewal  |  Court Fines & Fees  |  CSCD  |  Utility Bills

End-to-end Payment Activity

Facilitating end-to-end payment activity from authorization to settlement for debit/credit (card present and card not present), and electronic check

Quick and Easy

Designed to integrate quickly and easily with your existing government software solution via REST APIs


Delivering best-in-class security and effectively reducing chargebacks, as a fully PCI-DSS compliant and EMV enabled payment processor

A Secure, Innovative, and Efficient Payment Solution
Payment Integration Process

We offer both simple integration and custom integration options for our partners, depending on your agency needs. Simple integration is as easy as providing a link for you to accept and collect payments. With custom integration, our development team creates a program to uniquely service your agency, providing assistance throughout the process.

Ready to make the most out of your payments offering?-imageReady to make the most out of your payments offering?-image
Ready to make the most out of your payments offering?